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Tools for configuration and management of our solutions, software and remote installation monitoring platforms.


An advanced Modbus client created to implement and manage our solutions and gathering readings from them. It communicates with any Renesys automaton, identifying them through their origin and functionality. Supervisor is a tool for the remote adjustment and monitoring of all of our components. It is free of use for our clients and does not require licenses.


An extension of our free services as a remote monitoring web platform for photovoltaic installations. Sunscada is a powerful and accessible solution that gives our clients remote control of their installation’s consumption and production, and regulation of their installation’s devices, such as inverters, regulators, environmental devices, and others.



Power regulator for single-phase installations. It acts as a power regulator for one or more inverters based on the instant consumption. It constraints or suppresses fully the energy export onto the grid, maximizes production and complies with technical restrictions and current legal regulations.


High end dynamic power regulator for self-consumption from renewable sources. The device implements a built-in meter and a regulator, eliminating the need for any other external components for power regulation. It constraints or eliminates energy export in the most efficient manner.

PRISMA 310A-Lite

Zero export dynamic power regulator for self-consumption on installations of one inverter and up to 50 kW. Acts as a meter without power limitations. Regulates the inverter’s generation as a function of instant consumption. It constraints or eliminates energy export in the most efficient manner.

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